Dumfries and Galloway with Iain Hodgkinson

7-night residential course in Dumfries and Galloway with Iain Hodgkinson
Dumfries and Galloway with Iain Hodgkinson

POSTPONED from 2020

If you have never been before the first thing you’ll notice about Dumfries & Galloway, is just how beautiful this part of lowland Scotland is. Offering an undulating coastline of rocky shorelines and sandy beaches, with acres of inland forest and green spaces, it has everything you need for the perfect art holiday.

Iain’s printmaking course will focus on a mixture of sketching and developing mixed media studies that can be combined with relief printmaking techniques of woodcut and lino cutting. At the end of the week in Dumfries & Galloway Iain will dedicate a whole day to converting the studies you gathered to create a final print or two without the use of a press.

7-night residential – Printmaking, Pen, Pencil, Watercolour
£995-£1295pp (x7 breakfasts, x7 evening meals with wine, x6 lunches (buffet or packed)