Elizabeth Fitzgerald Carter

Acrylics, Pen, Pencil, Watercolour

Elizabeth is based in Norfolk and the Isle of Luing near Oban. Her passion for time spent kayaking and sailing with friends along with a great love of the countryside, increasingly influences and informs her art practice.

In Norfolk, she is captivated by the atmosphere of blissful days spent on peaceful waterways under wide East Anglian skies where the kingfisher and heron go about their business undisturbed by the whisper of a paddle on the water. In Scotland, the brilliance or subtlety of the light and the drama of the seascapes are a constant source of inspiration.

Acrylics, Drawing, Pencil/Charcoal, Pen & Ink, Pen And Wash, Watercolour

Landscape or Woodland Scene, Waterscene, Boats or Seascape

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